June 22, 2008

j’adore paris

Posted in home in hawaii tagged , at 5:33 pm by Malia Yoshioka

after a whirlwind first half of the year, i’m recuperating at home on maui for the weekend. maui always gives me the chance to slow down, take stock of what’s important to me, and to get ready for new adventures. and what wonderful adventure lies ahead, you ask?

paris, of course!

i’ve always loved paris. when i was little, i asked my mom to buy me a french dictionary so that i could practice “the language of love.” i dreamed of the eiffel tower, falling in love on a bridge over the seine, and spending my days visiting museums and charming french cafes. the first time i actually made it to paris was back in 1998. now ten years later, i’m returning to this beautiful city for rolf pott’s annual paris writing workshop.

we traveled through southeast asia and the pacific for the first half of the year, and now i’m looking forward to a new continent, new friends, new opportunities, and revisiting the city i fell in love with ten years ago… stay tuned, there’s lots more to come!


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