June 23, 2008

vacation vs. mini-retirement

Posted in home in hawaii tagged , , , at 12:20 pm by Malia Yoshioka

i’ve been a big fan of tim ferriss ever since reading his book, The 4-Hour Workweek about a year ago. one of the concepts that comes up in his book and also on his personal blog is the concept of “mini-retirements,” as opposed to just taking a sabbatical or a vacation.

this morning, i saw this article on the getrichslowly.org blog, which features an interview with ferriss where he explains further the idea behind saving for and planning a mini-retirement.

after our six month trip, i think i can now say from experience that mini-retirements are a great idea. in fact, making the most of your “in-between jobs” time with travel is one of the best ways to use a mini-retirement! i’m currently in the middle of one extended mini-retirement, but will have to go back to the working world someday soon. please cross your fingers for me that something will work out at the writing workshop so that i’ll be able to work WHILE enjoying my greatest love – travel! with that kind of job, i may never want to retire!


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