June 28, 2008

sunny day in L.A.

Posted in USA - los angeles tagged , , , at 11:40 am by Malia Yoshioka

last night i caught the red-eye from honolulu to LAX. it was a pretty smooth flight and went by quickly, but i didn’t get nearly enough sleep. we arrived in L.A. just before 6am and i gave jess y. an early wake up call to come pick me up.

jess y. is one of my favorite people in the whole world. i was so sad when she moved back to the mainland, but we try to keep in touch and share our travel stories and plans whenever we can. so my 10-hour L.A. layover came with perfect timing because she wasn’t working and was able to come down to spare me the headache of camping out in LAX for 10 hours!

jess picked me up and we headed to a cute little cafe near venice beach for a delicious breakfast while we chatted and caught up. after walking around the neighborhood, enjoying the cool morning air, we headed to venice beach for people-watching and window shopping. there was even an eco-festival going on so we got to sample organic foods and “green” products! fun!

venice beach, LA

in the short time we had before my next flight, we really made the most of it.

jess and i got our fortune told by “zoltar” (remember the movie BIG?)

remember zoltar (from the movie BIG?)

i got a custom toe ring for only $6

custom toe rings!

and we got to watch the street performers (this one was a weirdo though!)

venice beach, LA

thanks again, jess y! it was a great morning and it was so nice getting caught up. can’t wait to hear all of your world travel plans as well! =)

next up for me is lots more airplanes and airports! i’m waiting for my 18 hour flight to dublin at the moment, then a 3 hour flight to paris. if all goes well, i should be arriving in paris on the afternoon of sunday the 29th. it seems so far away, yet it’s only tomorrow! haha. for those of you in hawaii, i believe the time difference with paris is 12 hours now – so it’s literally a night and day difference, halfway around the globe!



  1. Mom said,

    Hope your international flight goes well….sounds like a LONG one….Dad just called to let me know you were on the plane:)….maybe you can catch some zzzz’s?:)

  2. Jessica Y. said,

    YAY! Thanks Malia! I had so much fun with you! Next time I hope you have a longer layover…then I can take you to my candy shop. And…oh yeah…maybe some sprinkles cupcakes too! I love you girl! Keep me posted, and have a wonderful trip. I’m praying for your safe travels. =)

  3. Kim said,

    Wow, 18 hours? I didn’t know they came that long…

  4. christy said,

    can’t see the pics on this computer. did you see the gym at the end of the beach with all the muscle men?? sounds like a fabulous little layover. hope your 18 hour flight went well.

  5. Brianne said,

    enjoying the blogs and have been keeping up with them. =) cant wait to hear how you’re doing now that you’ve probably landed!

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