July 1, 2008

good luck charm

Posted in paris tagged , at 10:03 am by Malia Yoshioka

i was completely exhausted after arriving in paris. what I thought would be an 18 hour flight was actually only (ONLY!?!) 11 hours, followed by another hour and a half to get from dublin to paris. overall, it had taken almost two days of travel time to get here, and my body was completely thrown off by the time change. i tried to keep myself awake and coherent enough to purchase my train ticket and to get myself to the hostel without getting lost. luckily, i made it without incident and passed out as soon as i got to my bed. after spending two nights “sleeping” on planes, i was so grateful to be horizontal.

i slept soundly for 13 hours straight, and awoke to find that i had a roommate! (not surprising, since it was a six-bed dorm room, but when i’d fallen asleep i’d been the only one in it.) her name was Adriana, an actress and musician from brazil. she had returned to paris to film a movie with a famous French actor, and would be staying in the hostel only until she could secure a more permanent place to live. we had a quick breakfast, then set off to wander the streets of paris together.

after a few minutes of walking, Adriana got a call from a friend offering her a free place to stay for a month, an ideal offer as apartments in paris can be very expensive. she grew even more animated than usual and was literally crying tears of joy as she screamed “merci! merci! thank you thank you thank you!” into her cell phone. because of this, Adriana now calls me her “good luck charm” although occasionally she loses the last word of the idiom and i sometimes become her “good luck…. bunch?” until i correct her.

in many ways, Adriana is my good luck charm too. in addition to her native Portuguese, Adriana speaks fluent French and English, so she lets me practice my rusty French with her. having lived in france and visited paris often, Adriana knows her way around and led me through the streets of the 19th arrondissment, the futuristic parc de la villette, and throughout the northern portion of paris. she helped me to buy a French SIM card and a monthly pass for the metro before heading off to meet with her director.

it’s been wonderful having a new friend here in paris, although the city itself provides great company. although ten years have passed since the last time i’d been in paris, i’ve fallen in love with this beautiful city once again. as i walk through the narrow cobblestone streets, i sometimes have to pinch myself because it is just so perfect. glancing upwards, i delight to see those wrought-iron balconies with baskets of red flowers that are so very French. i’ll pass a little old lady on the street carrying a freshly baked baguette while walking her poodle, and laugh inside at the cliché. i don’t know what good luck charm got me here in the first place, but whatever it was, i’m eternally grateful.

a serenade from the courtyard in my hostel from my second night in paris



  1. Brianne said,

    =) what a happy post!

  2. jasmine said,

    how wonderful! glad to hear that you are starting off so wonderfully! =) my heart is so happy for you!

  3. min said,

    oh paris sounds so beautifuL!! so glad you found a friend so quickly! sorry i missed you and basically only got to see you twice.. hope you stop by honolulu again before you take off again!! i will be keeping up with your blogs.

  4. Mom said,

    Sounds like a great beginning!!! Love you. Mom

  5. jessica said,


    Your writing is BEAUTIFUL and so charismatic! What an exciting time of your life =)

  6. wisa said,

    VERY Cool Malia! I’m glad you met her! Wish I were there!

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