July 18, 2008

getting to know paris

Posted in paris tagged , at 9:02 am by Malia Yoshioka

after almost three weeks of living in paris, i’ve begun to find certain things normal that just would never have been before. there’s a certain point when you become less of a tourist and more “parisien.”

you know you’re getting used to paris when….

…you’re sitting on the outside terrace of an italian restaurant, enjoying a lovely meal when suddenly a lit cigarette falls from the third story balcony above, right in the middle of your half-eaten pizza. the waiter apologizes profusely, bringing you a new pizza right away. he shrugs his shoulders, “you’re in paris – even the birds smoke!”

…you buy a bottle of nutella to keep on your night stand, “just in case” a chocolate craving hits at 11pm.

…you find yourself drinking more wine per day than you would in a week back home, and start thinking of a 4 euro bottle as “expensive” (4 euros = around $6.50)

…you find it more natural to sit at a café table next to your dining partner, facing out, rather than facing in for conversation.

…you go to parks to picnic, to read, or just to sit, often by yourself.

…you know the metro system so well that you don’t need to consult a map beforehand, just head into the nearest station and assess by number which lines will get you closest to your destination.

…you’re walking the idyllic cobblestoned side streets of rue mouffetard when suddenly a suitcase falls from the sky and crashes onto the sidewalk at your feet, narrowly missing your toes. the owner of the suitcase yells from the street below up to a middle-aged angry-faced man while trying to retrieve the leaves of folder paper scattering about the street. no one in the vicinity bats an eye.

…you don’t find it weird for the director of your school to puff away on a cigarette while discussing your portfolio in his office.

…a woman carrying a large dog onto the bus while chatting on her cell phone doesn’t seem out of place.



  1. Mom said,

    Was fun to see the pics from the wine and cheese party—interior of the apt. (as well as all of the pretty wine bottle labels)—and some of the people there too…looks like fun—did you bring Hawaii kine pupus?

  2. Brianne said,

    so have you discovered dove aerosol deodorant yet? I LOVE that deodarant. I believe they only sell that in Europe (not in the US)…my coworker called to ask. If you find it, could u bring me back a bottle? It lasts so long! I bought 2 and I’m still on my first one since the honeymoon.

  3. Brianne said,


    here’s the link to the deodorant I’m talking about.

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