July 25, 2008


Posted in paris tagged , , at 9:00 am by Malia Yoshioka

the other day i bought a crepe. you come to france, you must have crepes. it was delicious, ham and cheese, nice and warm and gooey and salty and just what i was craving. i paid with a 5 euro note, and the man handed me back my change, which should have been a 2 euro coin (about $3.15):

…but upon closer inspection was a thai 10 baht coin (about $0.30):

sneaky crepe man! karma will get him. hehe. i tried to use the coin in a vending machine but even it was smart enough to check that it was a euro coin. now i’m stuck with it. i guess i’ll just have to go back to thailand now. =)


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  1. Jill said,

    Well, don’t feel so bad, my friend. The same thing happened to me while we were n Paris. I popped into one of those tiny little markets the size of a closet and bought one thing…a Heineken. I did not look closely enough at the stack of coins given back to me and it was until the next day I noticed a 10F coin (that looks identical to the 1 Euro coin) in my wallet. Jeez, if that man needed $1.60 so badly, he should have just asked me. I might have given him more if his story was pitiful enough.

    Karma will come ’round to that little market-ripper-offer-man.

    So, lesson learned: I won’t leave until I’ve counted my change.

    P.S. Miss you! Have fun on the rest of your trip!

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