August 2, 2008

on the road again

Posted in lyon tagged , , , at 9:59 am by Malia Yoshioka

so after the end of my classes, i decided to take a trip down to the former capital of france, lyon. the main draw for me is that lyon is also billed as the gastronomic capital of france. you know that the way to this girl’s heart is definitely through her stomach! haha.

leaving paris was hard because i love it so much, and even more difficult because i missed my train! i actually got to the station in time but found out that i’d printed the wrong page of my e-ticket and, sadly, the fare was non-refundable! i guess my french wasn’t as good as i thought.

it all worked out really well though because i called adriana to come help me get on the next train (i wasn’t taking any chances this time!) and we had a nice leisurely lunch near the train station. although the last-minute ticket ended up costing me three times as much as the first one, it was worth it and it was nice to see adriana again before moving on to lyon.

lyon itself was lovely, although i definitely prefer paris! the first day i spent in lyon i woke up to thunderstorms and lightning and it made me want to crawl back into bed. instead, i trekked down to the tourist office to sign up for a walking tour of old lyon, the area where i was staying. it was interesting to hear about the history of the former french capital and to admire the architecture of the buildings but i couldn’t shake the dreary feeling with all of the rain. no one at my hostel was very sociable, and i ended up turning in early and wishing i’d stayed in paris.

the second day was nothing but blue skies and what a difference a day made! i took a walking tour of the old croix rousse area and browsed the morning markets. i wandered through the cobblestoned streets and had a picnic in the park with some finds from the market, then caught a bus back home when i got tired of walking around. i also took a boat cruise on the river soane and realized that lyon was slowly growing on me.

when i got back to my hostel, i had two new roommates. one was from japan and one was from russia and they were both speaking in french. when i came in we started a mix of french/english with japanese and russian thrown in here and there. it made me so happy to be in europe. i love the cosmopolitan feeling, how everyone speaks multiple languages while trying to communicate the same basic ideas… it’s what i love about travel in general, getting to realize how big the world is, yet how small at the same time. =)

pictures from lyon are up on my flickr page here.


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  1. Brianne said,

    hi my dear, I’m glad lyon is growing on you. =) I look forward to your posts…keep ’em coming!

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