August 4, 2008

little known facts about switzerland

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1. lake geneva is not called lake geneva. the proper name for lake geneva is lac leman, and the swiss cringe to hear it called lake geneva. it sure is beautiful though, whatever you call it.

montreux, switzerland

2. chocolate fondue is NOT traditional. for some reason i thought anything that goes into a fondue pot is naturally a swiss specialty. apparently not. although delicious, chocolate fondue is not a traditional swiss dish! cheese and beef fondues are both delicious and authentic though… mmmmmm. another tradition: if your piece of bread falls into the fondue pot, you pay for the meal! (mine broke off, but melanie and caroline took it easy on me since i’m a fondue neophyte.)

cheese fondue =)

3. aliens have landed in switzerland. ok not really. but if you visit the HR Giger museum in gruyeres, you can learn all about the creator of the aliens movie series. or have a drink in the bar next door.

alien bar, gruyere

4. a must-try in gruyeres: a coupe chalet. this crazy dessert is made with scoops of vanilla ice cream, meringues (another swiss specialty!), vin cuit (a syrupy sweet reduction made by cooking wine, sometimes with fruit juice), and topped with gruyere creme. so good!

coupe chalet, yum!

5. freddie mercury lives on in montreux. the famous lead singer of queen spent time in montreux towards the end of his life, and an annual festival is held in montreux in his honor. there’s a statue of him on the main lakeside area of the town.

freddie mercury

it probably seems like all i did in switzerland (and all i do anywhere while traveling, perhaps?) is eat. and yes, i had my fair share of delicious fondue and meringues. but see, i also learned a few things! =) for all of my pictures from switzerland, check out my flickr page here.

switzerland was sooo beautiful, so tranquil and so friendly. i truly enjoyed my time here, even though it was short. thank you melanie for being such a wonderful host and tour guide! next time, it’s your turn to come to hawaii! =)

chateau de gruyeres, switzerland



  1. Mom said,

    Switzerland looks so beautiful and serene…..I think I would like it there:)

  2. christy said,

    the coupe chalet is making my mouth water! mmm.

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