August 8, 2008


Posted in greece tagged , , , at 11:10 pm by Malia Yoshioka

museum of agora excavations, athens

athens… it’s literally a dream come true. i’ve wanted to come to greece forever! it’s yet another thing to cross off my “30 things to do before i’m 30 list” – eating real greek food in greece! and today we’ll be crossing off one more, number 11 – take a cruise vacation!

kim and i have been here in athens for the past 3 days and loving it. we’ve got a cute little hotel close to the metro, which gets us all over athens. the first day we did a lot of wandering around through the old town of plaka, sightseeing in the museums, and ending up on the acropolis as close to closing time as possible so it wouldn’t be too hot! it was absolutely amazing. i can barely wrap my head around the fact that these buildings have been here since the 4th century BC!! how they built them, how they’ve maintained them, and the technology they used was so advanced… incredible, absolutely incredible.

the parthenon, athens

yesterday we played beach bums as practice for our upcoming week of cruising between the isles of greece and turkey. we’ve also met many interesting local characters, and have made a pact to eat at least one greek salad a day. they are incredible here – a huge hunk of feta topped with olive oil, oregano (i LOVE oregano now!) and the freshest, ripest tomatoes, olives and red onions you’ve ever seen. it’s so simple, yet sooo good.

our first greek salad! sooo good!



  1. Haifa said,

    Damn… I have a long way to go before even touching my 35 before 35 list. I’m not good at being realistic though. Bleh. I love that you’re loving Greece!

  2. jennjalowiecki said,

    Greece looks so nice! You’re pics are so beautiful; they look too good to be true! Also, love that black dress! Really pretty picture of you.

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