August 9, 2008

hacking easycruise: day 1

Posted in greece tagged , , at 12:10 am by Malia Yoshioka

it’s 6pm and we’re on the back deck of the easycruise ship watching the haze of athens recede into the horizon. so far so good for kim and i, which is pretty amazing given our last experience together on a ship. we spent the entire hour aboard the “fun ship” in nusa lembongan, bali curled up in the fetal position, wanting to die.

i watch as a seagull soars effortlessly overhead, keeping pace with the ship, while taking a sip from the “cocktail of the day” – a sugary sweet concoction that tastes a little like a melted popsicle to me but has enough alcohol to make it worth the five euro price tag. stretching my legs out on the deck chair in front of me, i sigh. i know i’ve been traveling for seven months now, but it actually feels like a vacation for once!

kim sent me the information about this cruise when i had signed up for the paris workshop just to see if it was something i’d be interested in doing. we’d read the reviews online and were expecting the worst. it was cheap, sure, but we’d heard it compared to a floating hostel and many reviewers emphasized the fact that easycruise is known for being “no frills.”

maybe our expectations were too low, but we were pleasantly suprised when we checked in. our cabin was much larger than we expected, with air conditioning and rather comfy beds. we packed light as usual, but there was more than enough room for much more than we’d brought. the ship is tastefully decorated, lots of contemporary furnishings in neutral colors and minimalist flower arrangements – think single large daisies or elegant orchids – to add pops of color. there’s a pool, three hot tubs, multiple sun decks, an internet cafe (although not working), a duty free store, a cafe/restaurant and a chill-out lounge. all of the staff are friendly and helpful, and we’ve really enjoyed our stay so far!

the atmosphere on easycruise (when actually cruising) is a little bit like a hip pool party. if you ignore the odd child or senior citizen couple here or there, its a pretty decent looking crowd. mostly europeans, and decidedly cosmopolitan. in the chill-out lounge they play mellow music like old school maxwell (love it!) and a DJ spins poolside. all in all, a great first impression!

tomorrow we head out to the island of kalymnos, and the following day we land in turkey. no pictures yet, still trying to find a place to upload… stay tuned! =)



  1. Mom said,

    Sounds good so far! Happy cruising!

  2. RRRita said,

    Hi my pretty adventurer,
    I wish I were stitch on your white bag so I can go same places…physically that is but you share so well! Given your pictures and blogs you hem me in place! You make me look forward to Greece (in three years!). Have fun!

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