August 11, 2008

easy come, easy go

Posted in turkey tagged , , , , at 3:54 am by Malia Yoshioka

on the other day, i came across an amusing article titled seven reasons to have a foreign fling. hmmm….

so far, none to report here. although leaving the port at bodrum, turkey yesterday, i did get a marriage proposal from the port security officer, a charming young man named ilker. as we headed back to the ship, he called out to the man at the tacky little souvenir stand nearby to see if they had rings, so we could seal the deal. when i checked my email today, there was a message from ilker asking “wouldn’t you rather live in bodrum?”

not quite, although i must admit it was lovely. =)

our first destination with easy cruise was kalymnos, a sleepy little island in the dodecanese known as the island of sea sponge divers – and not much else. there was a even a sea sponge museum. we spent most of the morning wandering around the island around the port, and the afternoon at the small, sandy/pebbly beach near the ship. there was even a DJ spinning right on the beach!

the following day, we docked at the harbor in bodrum and signed up for the ship’s shore excursion for the day, a tour of the town and visit to an underwater archaeology museum at the city’s castle. it was really amazing to see the real-life treasures unearthed from shipwrecks going as far back as the 16th century BC!

bodrum has a lively tourist area that lines the harborfront near the pier, sort of similar to front street or waikiki back home. kim and i had lunch at a cute little cafe with a view over the bay, and then rented a couple of beach chairs off the main strip before heading back to the ship. it had been a really long day already but we were tempted by the numerous cafes and bars setting up for the evening – bodrum is known as a nightlife destination, and it shows.

maybe i’ll have to make a trip back one day, there was too much to see and do in just 24 hours! after all, ilker said he’d wait for me… haha! =)


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