August 14, 2008

the greek isles

Posted in greece tagged , , , , at 2:06 am by Malia Yoshioka

paros, greece

life in the greek isles moves at a deliciously slowwww pace. the picture above is from the island of paros, where you can wander the maze-like streets and get lost on purpose. (we spent most of the afternoon doing this).

today we’re on the island of mykonos which is more popular, yet i actually think i liked the slower pace and the quiet hush of the streets in paros better! granted, we’re not getting to see all of these islands in the 24 hours (or less!) that we remain in their ports, and so really this trip is just to whet our appetites for the greek isles. it’s like coming to hawaii and only getting to see waikiki!

we’ll definitely be back…



  1. Mom said,

    Greece looks sooo beautiful and clean….sounds like a great cruise! Have fun—we’re enjoying all of your posts and pics:)…love, Mom

  2. wisa said,

    This reminds me of the book you gave me “Fly me to the Moon” where she falls in love with the guy in Greece but his mother is crazy. Remember that part? Love that book…

    Great pictures!

  3. Kim said,

    i’ll go back and visit with you…=)

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