August 21, 2008

leaving paris

Posted in paris tagged at 2:40 am by Malia Yoshioka

i arrived in paris
for the last time
for one more night
although bittersweet
it didn’t feel quite so final
as when i’d left last

ten years passed
since we’d parted ways
coming back was like
finding an old love
finding things unchanged
picking up where you left off

it’s a romance
not yet ready to die
i know i’ll be back
i know you’ll be waiting
yet its never easy
saying goodbye

pont alexandre III, paris

there are some places where i truly feel like my heart belongs, and paris is definitely one of those. i visited for the first time when i was only sixteen, and as soon as i stepped into the streets and looked up at those beautiful balconies i knew… sometimes a place just speaks to you, on a level where you feel it in your soul. when you arrive for the first time, it feels like returning home. i guess in a way, you could call it love at first sight?

in all the places that i’ve been, all the many romances i’ve had in my travels, there have only been a few great loves for me – my true loves. paris is one of them, and one of my first true loves. i felt at home as well in new york city, although the energy is entirely different. paris is a slow languishing love, sweeping you off your feet. new york does everything spontaneously and with style. new york never gets old for me.

this year i found new loves – some fleeting, some that i know will be with me forever. bali and chiang mai spoke to my spirit, being there i felt at peace with something ancient and enduring. greece had a charm that bordered on “too good to be true,” yet remained incredibly sincere. new zealand breathed a new life into me – the clean air, lush green hills, beautiful mountains. i remember thinking it was so beautiful that i wanted to cry, and being completely serious.

i don’t know what i’d do if i had to settle down now – to choose to be in one place for the rest of my life. i love the thrill of romance, i love discovering new places to fall in love with. it makes me realize the beauty in the word wanderlust. although for me, i think it’s more wander-love. what i wouldn’t give to continue this way forever…

but for now, goodbye paris. in hawaii we say a hui hou, “until we meet again.”



  1. christy said,

    this is my far my favorite post of yours (though not to compare) lovely, lovely.

  2. Brianne said,

    i love this blog. this is one of my favorites. The tone is…….(i’m not as eloquent as you) — romantic. It makes me think, wow, I wanna be this girl and experience things the way she does. great job!

  3. Haifa Mahabir said,

    Well, you know how I feel about New York. But, I can admit to stand corrected, because I’ve also found that the people also very much make the place, if you are lucky enough to happen across a few really special ones. Agreed, with Christy — lovely. Paris does feel like home.

  4. Haifa Mahabir said,

    And, I happen to love this photograph… =)

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