August 23, 2008

guinness is good for you!

Posted in ireland tagged , , , at 3:32 am by Malia Yoshioka

i know there is far more to dublin than drinking pints of guinness in the quaint old pubs of the temple bar. but i couldn’t help it. it’s really, really good. and after all, it’s good for you.

guinness is good for you!

i looked at the pictures i took in dublin and it appears that roughly half feature ireland’s favorite brew. i hate to give the idea that all i did was drink here, because dublin is a wonderful city and that would be selling it short. despite the cold, often dreary weather (you call this SUMMER?), i found myself really enjoying wandering the streets, peoplewatching, and soaking in all the history.

to get into the spirit, i decided to read dubliners, a collection of short stories by james joyce, which i really enjoyed. walking around the cobblestoned streets, admiring the old brick buildings and shops in central dublin, i really felt like a character in one of joyce’s stories! it’s easy duck into one of dublin’s many pubs and order a pint (guinness of course) or some fish & chips, listen to the lively conversation going on around you, and you really feel as if nothing has changed for a hundred years.

the temple bar, dublin

yet at the same time, dublin today is very cosmopolitan, with traces of modernism cropping up everywhere. from the huge metal spire in the middle of o’connell street that stretches up into the sky to julian opie’s art installations of figures walking dublin’s streets. speaking of which, i noticed that people here walk very quickly, with purpose, and will almost push you out of the way as they’re going along. yet it’s fun to break with the hurried pace on the sidewalks and read a book in st. stephen’s green, a beautiful urban park steps away from the busy city life.

st. stephen's green, dublin

then there’s grafton street – known as a mecca for shoppers with all the major brands represented, especially british and american fashions. this pedestrian street is packed with locals and tourists alike, and is also home to many wonderful street performers. my favorite was this guy, seemingly oblivous to the crowds around, just him and his guitar. what a wonderful dublin moment.

they say “guinness is good for you,” but i think that perhaps dublin just might be good for you too. or good for me, least…


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  1. christy said,

    i remember when you used to turn your nose up whenever i would offer you a beer. and now, guinness?! 😉 i couldn’t be more proud.

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