August 28, 2008

back to the USA

Posted in USA - boston tagged , , at 5:58 am by Malia Yoshioka

i was too sleep-deprived to think about it much when i was stumbling in the dark at my hostel to get my bags together for a 5:30am shuttle to the airport, but once i made it through security i realized: i am really going to miss ireland. five days definitely wasn’t enough time to see it properly, so someday i’ll have to go back. i sat down to enjoy my last full irish breakfast, also known as a “heart attack on a plate,” while finishing up the last of my postcards to be mailed from overseas…

… and seven hours later, i arrived in newark refreshed by the nice sleep i’d gotten on the plane. i had the whole row of three seats to myself, which was a luxury that allowed me to fully recline for a few hours. thank you, continental! i actually must admit, continental is still my favorite airline to fly whenever possible. they still give free meals (i got two on this flight!) and blankets, each seat has its own personal entertainment system so you can choose what movies, tv shows, or games you’d like to use during the flight. and two free bags! i had everything packed into a small duffel to come on board as a carry-on when i realized that i didn’t even need it because they allow two free bags. in a time where most airlines are charging up to $50 for your second bag, i thought i totally lucked out this time. they were also the cheapest flight from dublin to boston, so all these things were just icing on the cake.

it’s nice to be back stateside! everyone speaks english (ok, well except that the announcements in the airport are all done in spanish too), prices are not in euros (thank god!), and it’s easy to find my way around. then there’s the things that make me realize i’m REALLY back in the US: the tvs in the airport are tuned to political scandals. homeland security stares menacingly as i walk through customs. families sit hunched over super-sized pizza slices at sbarros. ahh yes, the good old US of A.

i’ve got a few more weeks before going home for good… i’ll be spending some time in boston catching up with dee and jake, then to NY and LA on my way back home to maui. i must admit though, it’s nice to have the end in sight. as much as i’d love to travel forever, i do miss having my own bed, clean towels, and the company of my family and friends back home. see you all soon!


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  1. Mom said,

    We will be glad to have you home too! Love you. Mom

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