September 1, 2008

catching up on history in boston

Posted in USA - boston tagged , , at 11:44 am by Malia Yoshioka

blast from the past
dee and i getting ready to walk the freedom trail…

i’ve only been to boston once before, ten years ago (this seems to be a recurring theme) to visit dee when she and i were both just starting out in college on the east coast – two maui transplants, cold, slightly homesick, but excited to be living in the big cities…

and now, ten years later, here we are… as soon as dee came to pick me up we fell into that comfortable banter that you can only have with friends who’ve known you for years. so much had happened since the last time we’d hung out that we had lots of catching up to do! dee’s spent the last ten years at MIT, doing her undergraduate work and just recently finished her PhD. i always refer to her as my “mad scientist” friend. she truly kept me sane through high school, and i’m so happy to see her dreams working out for her! we ended up on totally different paths, but i think both of us are doing exactly what we wanted to do.

in the week i spent with dee in boston we mostly just spent the time hanging out and doing the boring things that had to get done, like my laundry and cleaning out her old office at MIT. but of course we managed to have fun as well… a few highlights:

we took a ferry out to george island and spectacle island – we fished with little kids on the pier
ok fine, i'll smile

we took a ranger tour of fort warren on george island
fort warren, george island

we met jake and sarah for dinner in the north end during st. anthony’s feast
dinner in the north end, boston

we followed the first mile of the freedom trail with a guy dressed up in a funny costume
following boston's freedom trail

then we walked the last mile and a half on our own, happy to finally reach the last stop, the bunker hill monument
bunker hill monument, boston

what a fun week!! you can see all of my boston pictures here.



  1. christy said,

    great pictures malia. you look so happy and pretty in all of them. boston… i went during the 7th grade east coast trip and got the “enjoy” the city with mr. schofield yelling at us the whole time. needless to say, i’ll need to return one day so i can really enjoy it.

  2. wisa said,

    OMG I never went on “The East Coast” trip when I was in Kalama but TOTALLY remember Mr. Schofield would wear his maroon hooded sweatshirt every day trying to loose weight so he could indulge on the East Coast Trip. I wonder what he’s up to these days? Still at Kalama you think?

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