September 3, 2008

boston to new york for $1

Posted in USA - new york tagged , , , , at 1:07 pm by Malia Yoshioka

why don’t more people know about this?! apparently there are a bunch of bus companies that make the 4-5 hour drive between new york and boston many times a day, with seats as low as $1 ($1.50 total after booking fees!) i couldn’t believe it so i researched online to make sure there wasn’t a catch, but apparently it’s legit.

only one seat per bus is normally sold at $1, but there are also $8, and $12 seats, and the max you’ll pay is a whopping $15. buses leave on the hour going both ways, so there is lots of choice and i was able to score a $12 ticket. i used a company called lucky star and i thought it was a great deal overall. the bus left from boston’s south station and dropped me off in new york’s chinatown 5 hours later, as promised. maybe i shouldn’t post this cause then more people will find out about it. but wow, what a deal! i thought those kind of prices were only to be had in asia! =)


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  1. wisa said,

    Crap! I wish I would’ve known about this in January. We took Amtrak for like $100!

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