September 7, 2008

sex and the city

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it’s probably a cliche to say this, but i am a huge sex and the city fan. i own all six seasons in the fancy pink gift set and i’ve seen every episode multiple times. i mourned the end of the series and rejoiced when they said they were making it a movie. jess and i saw it the day after it came out even though we were all the way in new zealand. if there was ever a new york city sightseeing tour designed for me, it is the sex and the city tour.

sex and the city tour!

dee came down to new york for her birthday weekend, so to celebrate, i signed the two of us up for the sex and the city tour. the three and a half hour tour took us through 40 sex and the city locations all over the city in a big air-conditioned bus, playing clips of the show before or after showing us the actual spots used for filming. so much fun! our tour guide was carrie personified – blonde, petite, stylish, and quick to use the word “fabulous”. as she took us through the sights, it was like getting the low-down from a savvy new yorker, including all the hot spots and random celebrity gossip too.

we drove through the streets of new york, getting to know the show neighborhood by neighborhood. the tour started at the pullitzer fountain in front of the plaza hotel on 5th avenue, where carrie told big “the girl is lovely hubble” (quoting the movie the way we were) after his engagement party to natasha. we saw the church where samantha met “the friar,” charlotte’s art gallery in soho, aidan’s furniture shop, the banana republic where carrie made out with “20-something sam”.

sex and the city tour

the first stop of the day was at the pleasure chest, the store where charlotte purchased the infamous “rabbit” vibrator! of course, all tour guests are given a 15% discount, but we satisfied ourselves with taking a picture in front of the shop and heading back to the bus.

here’s a bit of the tour in the area around magnolia bakery on bleeker street where we stopped for our own taste of the famous cupcakes (without having to wait in that line!) for the record, i thought they were “okay” but i wouldn’t have waited in that line for them. i can’t understand the hype! but check out our tour guide, emily. she was the best!

and of course, a sex and the city tour would not be complete without a stop at the bar aidan and steve opened in soho. it’s not actually on mulberry street (it’s a block over though!) like it was in the show, and the real name of the place is onieal’s, not scout. but once inside, you can totally see the similarities… the dark wood, the cozy feel. and of course cosmpolitans on special.

sex and the city tour

i’d highly recommend this tour if you’re a fan of the show and happen to be in the new york area. you can see the rest of the pictures from the tour in my flickr set of new york pictures here.



  1. christy said,

    cool malia. what fun.

  2. Kim said,

    it’s on my list…definitely! 🙂

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