September 11, 2008


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point vicente lighthouse

it’s been difficult, after traveling with jess for six months, to go back to life without her. i remember when we boarded the plane in fiji thinking, “wow this is really the end of our trip!” and getting all teary thinking about the things we’d gone through along the way. i think both of us were forever changed by making the decision to leave the world behind for six months and find new adventures. when i look back on our trip, i think that it definitely wouldn’t have been the same without jess.

the last two and a half months i’ve spent traveling alone, but most of the time i was never really “alone” alone. in paris, there was my roommate jenn, haifa and all the other cast of characters from our writing workshop. there was adriana to help me when i missed my train to lyon. melanie to take me in when i decided to come visit switzerland. kim, to be my partner in crime through greece and rome. nicole and elly to drink endless rounds of guinness with in dublin. dee, to follow down the freedom trail in boston. wendy to give me a taste of life in brooklyn.

but when i arrived in LAX and saw eric and jess drive up to pick me up, it was like coming home to family. now i get the chance to see what post-trip life has been like for jess! she’s getting settled in her new home, looking for a job (funny that we BOTH are still in-between jobs, huh?), and readjusting to life in general – all things that i’ll be doing very soon as well…

but not yet! for now, there’s still more to explore. and jess and i will be spending the next few days exploring LA and torrance. =)


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  1. Jess said,

    I’m glad things felt like home for you here. I’ve got empty nest syndrome now. The living room floor is so empty without you!

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