September 15, 2008

second chances

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i’ve never really liked LA. i don’t like the how the smog hangs over the city, i don’t like how you have to drive everywhere, i don’t like the overuse of plastic surgery, and i don’t like the number of people carrying tiny dogs in purses. it’s never been one of my favorite cities to visit.

but i decided to give LA another chance since jess is now living there, and as much as i dislike LA, i love jess. plus, jess is actually living in torrance, which doesn’t feel quite as “LA” to me. so i tried to keep an open mind while jess and eric became my tourguides for the week. and i must admit, i was pleasantly surprised!

first, we visited the lighthouse at point vicente, which is perched on a scenic cliff in palos verdes. on the second saturday of each month, you’re actually allowed to climb to the top too. (don’t get too excited, it’s only 67 feet tall – but the view is really pretty!)

point vicente lighthouse

next, we drove down to santa monica to meet jen and moe, who had driven up from san diego. we walked along third street promenade and watched all the crazy street performers like this father and son duo. check it out – he’s standing on his head on his dad’s foot, wearing shades. too cool for school! haha

third street promenade - santa monica

later we took a walk along the santa monica pier, stopping to buy churros and to contemplate getting our names written on a grain of rice.

santa monica pier

to cap off the evening, eric took us to his favorite homestyle japanese restaurant back in torrance called musha. musha is known for izakaya-style food and they had the BEST fried chicken (called “MFC” for musha fried chicken. haha) i’ve ever eaten in my life. the daikon-ponzu dipping sauce was fabulous!

dinner @ musha

we all left full and happy…

dinner @ musha

and i concluded that LA is not so bad after all. =)

you can view all of my LA photos here.



  1. Jess said,

    Awe…. We loved having you here Malia!

  2. christy said,

    nice post malia 🙂

  3. KimNY said,

    Awwww, fun! I like to think that I was there in spirit…

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