September 17, 2008

coming full circle

Posted in home in hawaii tagged , , , , at 2:54 pm by Malia Yoshioka

this year started out on a great note. regardless of what kind of celebrating we had done the night before, a group of my friends and i all met at sandy beach on oahu to toast the first sunrise of the new year together. we all wrote “letters to the universe” for what we hoped was in store for us in the coming months, sealed two copies – one to open on january 1, 2009, and burned the other in a mini-bonfire on the beach together as a group.

later, each of us picked a word to sum up our goals for the year, wrote them in sand, and then let the ocean sweep them away. mine was EXPLORE.

this has definitely been a year to explore… in the past eight and a half months, i’ve been to 17 countries. it’s been a lifelong dream come true. i’m completely broke now, yet more happy than i’ve ever been. i’ll have to stop being in-between jobs soon, but for a few days i’m going to just decompress and get back into the flow here on maui.

plus, i’ve got fresh perspective, a fresh way to view the world. i’ve learned so good new habits – using public transportation more (i’m NOT buying another car if i can help it, especially with gas prices the way they are!), using writing as a way to share my travels, spending money on experiences rather than things, reusing old things (or borrowing) rather than continuing to spend on more and more stuff. i’ve started learning new languages, took cooking classes and tried new foods, made new friends, and got to appreciate new cultures. it was an eye-opening trip of a lifetime and i have no regrets.

when i do start looking for jobs, i’m going to try to keep in mind the way that my trip has changed my perspective on “the american dream” and what constitutes “success” for me, personally. i want to continue to keep in mind that i value experiences over things, and that accumulating more “things” means less money for the experiences that i love, like travel. i’m going to try to focus on living my life more simply, spending less. consequently, i hope that i’ll be able to live more and work less. i know this is going to be challenging, but i’m going to do my best to remind myself of these values. we’ll see how it goes…

i want to make it clear that i’m not judging anyone else for their choices in career or lifestyles, just as i would hope that no one would judge me – to each his own! but whatever choices you make, it never hurts to re-examine your goals and values and make sure your path in life is matching up to them. this trip has helped me to refocus on my passions, and i hope to continue the things i’ve learned even now that the actual travel is over (for now…)



  1. Malia's fan said,

    Good job!!! So inspiring…=)

  2. Kim said,

    great perspective…i love the new insights on life! i’m so proud of you, malia! xoxo

  3. Haifa said,

    That’s a great photograph, and I hope you have it framed and in a place where you can see it every day.

  4. Mom said,

    Loved the “full circle” motif….wonder what next year’s “word” will be????

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