September 23, 2008

mexican home cooking

Posted in daydreaming tagged , , , at 2:29 pm by Malia Yoshioka

so now that i’m back in hawaii with no money (anybody hiring?), i must be content with daydreaming about where my next adventures will take me…

i recently read about the mexican home cooking school in tlaxcala, mexico. for $1250, you get seven days/six nights accomodation, all meals, and five cooking lessons in the mornings, with afternoons free to explore the area around tlaxcala.

makes me want to read like water for chocolate again…

a girl can dream, right?


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  1. Mark said,

    Hi Malia
    I have actually been following your trip off and on since the beginning (I was doing some searches for an upcoming trip to Laos, and found your bootsnall blog entries), and it was quite entertaining to read and follow. As someone who has done two long trips 7 and 10 months, I know both the joy and wierdness of coming home. If you are serious about possibly living or working abroad, you should look into some of the books that are available on the subject, like working your way around the world, or the big guide to living and working overseas, in addition there are heaps of volunteering opportunities out there, I met many people in Africa who were involved with various agencies etc, some just showed up and asked how they could get involved, most made enough to live locally on. I also have a friend who did teaching school in barcelona, for english, and then was able to work in many countries, her first position was actually placed by the school. The state department is also an option believe it or not. Anyway, there are many opportunites out there, one just needs to hunt them down and do some research and investigation. Also, if you have not been to Antigua, in Guatemala, the place is amazing and loaded with foreign language and cooking schools and is really pretty cheap still.
    Have fun and I so admire your spirit, I have forwarded your posts to many friends and co-workers. You are an inspiration


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