September 27, 2008

another reason i DO NOT support sarah palin

Posted in election 2008 tagged , , , at 12:16 am by Malia Yoshioka

you may have heard recently that sarah palin got her first passport LAST YEAR. this, in itself, would not be a problem. but for someone who could potentially become PRESIDENT of the united states of america, should something happen to (the not-the-most-youthful) john mccain, i think that travel abroad would show a broader worldview and a better understanding of how america fits into the world arena. as a vice president (and potential president) ms. palin would need to (i’d hope!) interact with world leaders frequently, especially as the world grows smaller and smaller every day with communications and technology bringing us all closer together.

katie couric interviewed palin, asking whether her decision not to travel indicated a lack of curiosity in the world, and palin dug herself in deep with her defense. (and don’t even get me started on the “alaska sits between russia and canada and therefore i have foreign policy experience” rationale…)

matador author julie schwietert summed up the false logic in palin’s comments in this article on, and i couldn’t agree more:

Palin’s response is offensive because it assumes, falsely in my opinion, that:

1. Travel is only for members of the upper class.

2. The only purpose of travel is leisure… travelers are part of some “culture” that’s separate from the mainstream.

3. A parent can’t travel… and definitely can’t take their kids along for the ride.

4. The only way to become educated about the world is through a book (or some “medium” that provides “a lot of perspective”).

i was already voting for obama, but this is the kind of thing that moves me beyond just being pro-obama, and being completely anti-palin. i already disagreed with her views on so many issues, but this one just takes the cake for me! it truly terrifies me that this woman could potentially be vice president of the united states. please, if you haven’t already, register to vote today!!

(and if you don’t do it for me, do it for matt damon – how do like them apples?!?)



  1. Haifa said,

    Katie Couric interviewed her at the United Nations last week, and when asked about her (lack of) travel experience, she said something along the lines of, “I wasn’t one of those kids who graduated high school, and who’s parents gave them a passport and a backpack and told them to hit the road — I had to work! I’ve had to work hard my entire life.”

    That, killed me. I’ve always traveled by my own desire for it, not because I had parents who put a passport in my hand and told me to do it. And, I’ve gone broke for it, because they definitely didn’t afford my travels, either. I’ve gone broke for the sake of traveling, and I would bet most travelers haven’t had much handed to them. They’ve done it for the sake of curiosity of a world outside of their own. What a bloody disaster.

    But, who needs a passport, or a backpack when Russia’s only a short swim from Alaska? IDIOT!

  2. maliayosh said,

    @ haifa – well said. that interview is actually the first video on this page, if you care to watch again. i cringe when i even hear it mentioned, so i can’t. like you, i’ve gone broke for the love of travel (including this very moment!) and have had to work multiple jobs to be able to afford it. but that would never stop me from wanting to learn about a world outside my own.

    can’t wait for the debate thursday!

  3. Mom said,

    Palin’s comments just keep getting more and more lame, the more interviews she does…..

  4. brooke said,

    her whole comment about shes worked all her life and blah blah blah…. thats a poor excuse.
    Ive been working since i was 16 and still manage to travel around the world be it for work or pleasure. i mean im lucky i get to travel for work… but i still make an effort to travel outside of work too.
    its amazing to watch/hear her….. like where does she come from?!

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