October 6, 2008

tourist for a day

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with the economy dragging what’s left of my meager savings down the drain, i’ve started putting out resumes to the local temp agencies here in hopes of getting a job in a law firm until i move back to oahu in january. i’ve never tried seeking work through a temp agency before, but i must say it’s nice to have someone doing all the hard work for me! =)

so in the anticipation of *gasp!* heading back to join the working world sometime in the near future, dee and i decided to play tourist for a day in lahaina.

first stop: shave ice!

shave ice

it was really hot outside, no big suprise given that lahaina in hawaiian means “cruel sun.” so of course when we spotted a shave ice stand on our way to front street, we had to stop. each of us got the classic “rainbow” shave ice – dee’s with ice cream and mine without, both with liberal doses of sugary sweet syrup – and headed over to the banyan tree.

dee decided to ignore the warning signs, letting her inner monkey loose.

the banyan tree, lahaina

while walking along the water on front street, this lonely flower lei drifting in the breeze caught my attention.

front street, lahaina

we figured the tourist experience wouldn’t be complete without a stop at hilo hattie (which recently filed for bankruptcy!) to browse all the kitschy souvenir items on offer. dee decided that she needed a hand-carved tiki to take back to boston, so we stopped to visit this guy in front of the wharf cinema center, where she picked out her favorite and had it customized.

dee is the proud owner of a tiki

we decided to drive down to kaanapali next, passing some interesting local characters along the way. (right after i’d snapped the picture, the parrot asked, “got it?” what a considerate subject! haha.)

front street, lahaina

kaanapali, here we come!

kaanapali, maui

they used to hold an annual kaanapali keiki fishing derby here when we were young, although i think it’s been canceled now. kids could come down to try to fish for tilapia in the lakes of the golf course, and there would be food and entertainment all morning. i remember one year that i didn’t go because i’d stayed back to help my mom with her crafts at the swap meet. apparently i missed all the action!

after an hour or two of not catching anything, my brother got tired of waiting around and set his pole down while he went off to play. a few minutes later, my grandfather started shouting because the pole had been dragged into the water – todd had a bite! when they finally fished the pole out of the water (with the help of the golf course staff), there was a 3/4 lb papio at the end of the line. although it was too tiny to get the prize for “biggest fish”, they gave todd one of the $100 prizes anyway, for catching something other than a tilapia! haha. i wish i could find the picture we took of him holding up his crisp stack of one-dollar bills when he got home that day. he was beaming with pride! i, of course, was jealous that i hadn’t gone. =)

but back to modern day kaanapali…

kaanapali sunset

we had some pupus and tropical drinks (what’s a visit to lahaina without a lava flow?) at hula grill, walked through whaler’s village, and caught the tail end of a luau on the way back to the car. it was actually quite entertaining to listen to all the tourists being dragged up on stage to imitate the hip-action of the professional hula dancers.

kaanapali, maui

and on that note of comic relief, we decided to call it a day… so long, lahaina! a hui hou! =)


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