October 7, 2008

in-between jobs no longer!

Posted in home in hawaii tagged , , , at 11:31 am by Malia Yoshioka

thanks to jennifer at employers options, i’ve got myself a job for the next three months. i have such commitment-phobia when it comes to jobs that i couldn’t even bring myself to apply the old fashioned way – i went through a temp agency instead! it actually worked out great – i dropped off my resume, took a typing test (76 wpm, baby!), answered a few questions, and i was done. a few days later, i got a call to come down to a local law firm for an interview.

thus ends my year-long stint at unemployment (or full-time vagabonding, depending on how you choose to look at it). back to the working world! for now, at least…

this, of course, is a bittersweet moment for me. while i have absolutely no regrets about taking all of the time these past few months to travel and chase my passions all over the globe, my bank account had definitely taken a hit with so many withdrawals and no cash going in! had i the money to continue traveling (and writing about it) forever, i definitely would. but i think that the perspectives i’ve gained in the last year will allow me to continue shaping my life, my goals, my dreams into the path that i’m meant to follow. if i have to compromise for a bit to restock the cash reserves to be able to continue to pursue my passions, then that is what i’ll do. but i refuse to give up on this dream. =)


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