October 12, 2008

past and present

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it’s ironic that even though my life turned into one big nine-month weekend, it took going back to work for just a few days to truly appreciate “time off.” this weekend, christy was home on maui, and i got to spend my weekend hanging out with her, which was really nice. we visited surfing goat dairy with our moms, and the following day decided to visit the old maui high school in hamakuapoko.

old maui high school - hamakuapoko, maui

the old maui high campus was always on the periphery of my memories of growing up in maui – something that i sort of knew about but hardly ever stopped to pay attention to. my grandmother and grandfather both graduated from the school in the 1920’s when the sugar mills in the area were still functional and plantation life was the norm in maui. in fact, my grandpa could still sing the alma mater just a few months before he passed away! my father attended maui high’s rival school, baldwin high school, but 70 years after my grandparents, i joined the ranks of the maui high alumni in 1998.

the old campus had been closed and abandoned in 1972, when the “new” school opened closer to the major population center of the island in kahului. the old maui high, which sits up a long tree-lined road from the highway in hamakuapoko, was all but forgotten. i remember growing up, people would go there to tell ghost stories and walk around the crumbling buildings. part of the campus burned in a fire in 2004, but in recent years, there’s been a move to renovate and restore the buildings. we had fun just walking around and looking in and around the shells of the old buildings.

old maui high school - hamakuapoko, maui

next, we went just a little down the old dirt road in the cane fields to someplace i never even knew existed! christy took me to the old sugar mill, which was built in 1879 and abandoned in 1959. it’s incredible to see how the banyan trees and weeds have taken over the building in the half-century since its abandonment, not to mention the grafitti!

old sugar mill - hamakuapoko, maui

old sugar mill - hamakuapoko, maui

old sugar mill - hamakuapoko, maui

you can view the rest of the photos we took around the old high school and old sugar mill in hamakuapoko here.



  1. wisa said,

    Hehe. Craaaazy times here huh?! I remember being in High School and all of the stupid stuff we would do. Such an eerie place huh?!

  2. christywrites said,

    i’m only now just reading this post. don’t you just love the old mill. it still holds the same magic for me that it did when i was a kid. i’m glad i took you there to see it.

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