November 12, 2008

happy birthday, mom!

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happy birthday, mom

today is my mom’s birthday. i know she’ll be reading this (as you may have noticed, she’s almost always the first to comment on each and every blog i’ve ever posted.) so i thought it appropriate to tell her here:

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November 11, 2008

writer’s block

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it seems like in the past few weeks i’ve had more opportunities than ever come up for ways to continue to focus on writing. but i find myself banging my head against that proverbial brick wall in trying to come up with something interesting to write! geez.

i guess it has something to do with the fact that i’m stationary at the moment. while i’m enjoying living on maui, the challenge of a new job, and being able to see my family every day, there’s that part of me that just wants to get up and go somewhere.
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November 4, 2008

history is made

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i’m about ready to fall into bed, today was a LONG day. but what an amazing day, right?

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November 3, 2008

O Canada

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if anyone’s planning a vacation soon, canada’s a good option because the canadian dollar is really low right now vs. the US dollar… i just came across this article about some travel specials in whistler. but basically anything you book in canada now would be locking in the low exchange rate and getting you more for your money… maybe it’s time to run for the border!

speaking of which, check out how to move to canada if mccain wins the election. haha!
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November 1, 2008


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wow, two weeks without a post! my poor blog is being neglected…

the past few weeks have been crazy busy, but in a good way. and talk about “in between jobs!” i swear, i must be a poster child. my most recent job at the law firm was working out great but they weren’t able to give me full time hours so my temp agency was filling in the gaps for me.

enter random job #2 – ballot prep for the elections. yup, i’m gonna be helping out on election day (working a 14 hour shift!) helping to make sure all those votes count! (you’ve voted already, haven’t you?) i actually feel pretty excited to be helping out in such a historic election, but the pay was great too. =)
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