November 1, 2008


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wow, two weeks without a post! my poor blog is being neglected…

the past few weeks have been crazy busy, but in a good way. and talk about “in between jobs!” i swear, i must be a poster child. my most recent job at the law firm was working out great but they weren’t able to give me full time hours so my temp agency was filling in the gaps for me.

enter random job #2 – ballot prep for the elections. yup, i’m gonna be helping out on election day (working a 14 hour shift!) helping to make sure all those votes count! (you’ve voted already, haven’t you?) i actually feel pretty excited to be helping out in such a historic election, but the pay was great too. =)

THEN, i came across random job #3. through a friend of a friend who i worked with in team in training for the past few years, i was recommended for a job with the brookstone store that’s opening up in kaahumanu center here for the holidays. i interviewed and got the store manager position! it’s been seven years since i’ve been in retail, and probably a pretty scary time to be taking on my own store, but it’s only for two months and i’m excited for the challenge.

the store will be open next saturday if all goes well, so i’m working on hiring our sales team right now, and we get in our actual product to set up next week. it closes down in january, when i’ll be moving back to oahu and taking on…

random job #4. i’ve got an internship for the tax season with a great firm in honolulu. it’s funny how these jobs all string together, because the brookstone store closes down in early january, then i’ll probably see if i can temp for a couple of weeks before heading back to oahu later in january.

people ask me when i’ll choose a career path – i’m 28 after all, and i ain’t getting any younger. but you know what, i still prefer doing it this way. and when i feel like i need more stability i’ll stop, simple as that. i know some (most?) people prefer the steady paycheck and job security of locking in a “good job”. but all of my jobs pay well, are things that i enjoy doing, and usually end up leading to networking situations for even more opportunity because i’m a quick learner and i make sure to do a good job at whatever it is i’m doing.

i also manage my own savings and investments (ok, well not right now. still paying off debt from my RTW – bad girl!) but usually i am big on savings, which is how i was able to afford to travel for 8 months in the first place. and as for investments, let’s not even mention how sad my IRA looks at the moment.

but the point is, i’m still thinking towards the future, saving for a rainy day, but i think what i do differently than a lot of people is that i choose not to neglect the NOW. i won’t stay with a job that i don’t like (and consequently, probably won’t do my best work for). instead, i’ll move on and find something that matches my skills or piques my interest. which reminds me…

random job #5. the whole “writing” thing. in the midst of all the crazy job-hopping i’ve been doing lately, i’ve also been continuing to work on my writing, and i managed to sell my first piece to a travel blog for a travel booking website called don’t get too excited, it didn’t pay much. but it’s still kinda cool to see my name up on someone else’s site. =) you can check out the article here.

so you can see, i’ve been keeping busy and i’ve got lots planned for the coming months. past tax season, who knows… lately i’ve been thinking more about teaching jobs overseas, possibly japan. but you know me. i change my mind whenever something new and exciting comes my way. especially if it’s short-term and something i’ve never done before. after all, variety is the spice of life!



  1. Brianne said,

    hi – i love your life. =) you go girl!

  2. Kim said,

    Excitement! I’m working for the election too (yay patriotism). Remember, you’ve always got a place to stay in NYC next time your path leads you here. =)

  3. […] trouble finding a job in my life as i have had in the past few months. after i finished up the five random jobs i mentioned last year, including the one that became full time (tax preparer), i was sort of sucked […]

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