November 3, 2008

O Canada

Posted in daydreaming tagged , , , at 8:06 am by Malia Yoshioka

if anyone’s planning a vacation soon, canada’s a good option because the canadian dollar is really low right now vs. the US dollar… i just came across this article about some travel specials in whistler. but basically anything you book in canada now would be locking in the low exchange rate and getting you more for your money… maybe it’s time to run for the border!

speaking of which, check out how to move to canada if mccain wins the election. haha!

but seriously, it’s crazy to watch the changes in the international currencies. when jess and i were traveling, every week it was costing more and more dollars to take out the same amount in wherever we were becuase the american dollar was losing strength because of our subprime mortgage crisis and overall crappy economy. but recently ive seen things going back the other way for some reason! (is it because EVERYONE’s economy was tied to ours and now we’re dragging EVERYONE down with us?) its even stronger against the euro than when i was there…

and as an example, when jess and i were in australia, US$1 = AUS$1.04 so it was almost the same, and we could figure prices without really having to do any converting. NOW, one US dollar buys $1.51 australian. thats crazy! so its like our money is worth 50% more in australia now than just 5 months ago. a hostel that cost us $20/night in may would only cost us $13/night now, just a few months later.

something to think about when you’re planning your vacations… if you can time it so that you’re getting a good conversion rate it can make (or break) your budget. and sometimes it can be a big reason to travel internationally! (not that i ever need coaxing for that!) =)


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  1. Brianne said,

    make sure you dont try to go to canada if you have a DUI — they wont let you in!

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