November 4, 2008

history is made

Posted in election 2008 tagged , , , at 11:10 pm by Malia Yoshioka

i’m about ready to fall into bed, today was a LONG day. but what an amazing day, right?

today, i worked 13 hours at the maui county elections headquarters, prepping thousands of absentee ballots for scanning. if it sounds repetitive and boring, that’s because it was. despite that, such a great experience, and i have new respect for all of those that volunteer their time to ensure the integrity of our democratic process. my coworkers and i were hired by a third party contractor (so we got paid decently), but many of the people there are county workers and volunteers that do it just because – last year they worked almost 24 hours straight! when we were finally sent home tonight, they were still there waiting for the last precincts to get their ballots and supplies in. kudos to everyone who participated – there were so many people to coordinate (us third party hirees, the county workers, observers from all parties, etc) and i thought that they did a great job.

and what a great moment in history, huh? we didn’t get to follow much of the news because we were focused on getting the ballots counted accurately and as quickly as possible, but when mccain gave his concession speech the whole room stopped to listen to the tiny tv set in the council chambers. i thought he did a great job of going out gracefully.

and then, president-elect obama! it’s been a while since i’ve truly felt PROUD to be american, but his election and his speech just filled me with hope and pride for this country and our future… i know that politicians often make promises they can’t keep, and i know it won’t be perfect, but i think obama is truly going to do his best to take our country in the right direction. i am so, so proud to be a part of it. =) friends of mine from outside of the US have been sending me messages urging me to vote for obama (duh!) in the last few days, and i came across this website today that shows how the election would have turned out if the whole world could vote. pretty cool. =)

guess i don’t have to move to canada after all. haha! and on that happy note, i’m heading to bed… what a day, what a day. =)



  1. Mom said,

    GO OBAMA!!!!!

  2. christy said,

    aww. reading your post gave me chicken skin. my mom called me up and told me she cried during his speech. on a side note, i’ll be home this weekend. thinking about going to hana on saturday if you’re interested

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