November 12, 2008

happy birthday, mom!

Posted in home in hawaii tagged , , at 1:01 am by Malia Yoshioka

happy birthday, mom

today is my mom’s birthday. i know she’ll be reading this (as you may have noticed, she’s almost always the first to comment on each and every blog i’ve ever posted.) so i thought it appropriate to tell her here:


my mom is a wonderful person. anyone who’s ever known her will tell you – she’s extremely thoughtful, selfless, and always – ALWAYS! – cheerful and ready to laugh. she’s recently retired from her own business that she ran for almost 30 years, doing what she loved best, crafting hand-made items and taking them out to craft fairs, hotels, and swap meets to sell to her faithful customers. i’ve always admired her for pursuing a passion and turning it into her own business.

my mom was the kind of mom that would bring cupcakes to school for us on our birthdays. each year she’d make a trayful of christmas ornaments out of little apples with each of my classmates’ names and the year written on them. (to this day, people tell me they still put them up every year on their christmas trees.) my mom was the one who cut carrots into what she called “bugs bunny chips” with a wavy cutter in order to get us to enjoy eating vegetables.

my mom was always the type to put others before herself. i hope that today she will take some time out to do a little something for herself as well, because she deserves it!

love you, mom! =)



  1. Mom said,

    Awww gee thanks, Malia…what a sweet post! See you and Todd at lunch! Love, Mom

  2. Brianne said,

    that’s a very beautiful picture of your mom. She looks so thin after having a baby too!!!! =) Happy Birthday!

  3. Richard Allen said,

    You’re right, your mom is a very special person. One-in-a-million is the best way to describe her. That”s why I love her, and am proud to call her ‘my wife’.

  4. Aunt Jane said,

    you are right on the money with that one…she is a wonderful Mom, not to mention a great sister, aunt, friend, coworker etc etc etc. we all wish her a happy birthday & a great year, she deserves it 🙂 So Happy birthday to the “happy hawaiin aloha gal” from all of us back home.
    Love you!

  5. Rosemary Widener and Gary Wehe said,

    She is exactly the person described in your “birthday blog” Malia. She does put others before herself and doesn’t have an unkind bone in her body. She deserves the best birthday EVERY YEAR. What a sweet picture of Becky and Malia. You can tell by the picture what a loving mom she was and is. We love her too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear friend. We’ll see you soon!

  6. Haifa said,

    This is super sweet. And your mom is BEAUTIFUL. And, wow, you really resemble her!


  7. Geri said,

    Becky is the sweetes person! We are all very lucky to know her! She is so pretty too! Love the picture!

  8. Nomadic Matt said,

    My parents read my blog often too.

    Happy belated birthday to your mom

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