December 14, 2008

marathon man

Posted in home in hawaii tagged , , , , at 7:12 am by Malia Yoshioka

this morning i woke up at 6:30am, and my first thought was: i wonder where my dad is right now. not that i’ve lost him or anything. he’s actually on oahu at the moment. but specificially, where is he?

see, today my dad is running in his 11th consecutive honolulu marathon. i was right next to him every step of the way (literally) for numbers 8, 9, and 10. this year is my first year to miss it, and although i don’t miss the miles and miles of training, blisters, and knee injuries, i do sort of wish i could be seeing what he’s seeing right now.


the honolulu marathon begins at 5am, rain or shine, with close to 30,000 people (more than half of them japanese nationals who’ve flown in for the event) lining up at the starting line near ala moana center. when that gun goes off, they shoot off a huge fireworks display overhead and the energy in the air is incredible. you almost forget that you’re about to put yourself through 26.2 miles of hell. hehe.

well, i guess the whole thing isn’t “hell” or we wouldn’t be doing it. it’s fun to see the crazy costumes some of the japanese wear. it’s fun to watch the first place finishers nearing the finish line when you’re at mile 6 (the course goes out and back from that point), and it’s fun to see friends and family along the way and at the finish line who’ve come to cheer you on.

but that’s where the fun ends. the past 3 times that i ran the marathon with my dad, i’ve injured my knee (pretty much every year), gotten heatstroke, and have been reduced to tears on multiple occasions. but every time, he was there to help me through it, to be my support. together, we crossed the finish line.

so it’s bittersweet for me to not be there today. even before i’d decided to run it with him, i would usually go down to the finish line to welcome him in – this is the first year in 8 years that i’m not living on oahu, so i’m not able to be there to see him run in.

instead today i’ll be facing my own marathon. yesterday was the busiest day we’ve ever had at the store – it appears people are really getting serious about their christmas shopping. this morning i’ll be down at the store to do payroll, then coming home to check out my dad’s finish time. then going back to the store after lunch, and staying until 11pm because the mall now closes at 10pm. (which i think is ridiculous on maui, but that’s a whole different rant.)

so wish us both luck. as i type this, its 7am so my dad has been running for a good two hours. he was planning to reach the halfway mark at 3hrs, i think, so he should be somewhere between kahala and kalanianaole highway right now. wherever you are, dad, i’m thinking of you. have an oatmeal cookie for me. =)



  1. christy said,

    aww. cute malia 🙂

  2. jennjalowiecki said,

    that’s a cute picture =)

    in hoi an, how do I go about getting clothes custom made? do i have to bring a picture of what i want the clothes to look like? i’d love to get a winter coat…I can’t find any around here that I like for a good price.. thanks so much for all of your help and advice! it is much needed and appreciated, maybe you can email me more info about hoi an! =D

    good luck with all the christmas shoppers! it must be a crazy weekend.

  3. Mom said,

    nice post, Malia:)

  4. […] my dad is the one who got me running in the first place, and i sometimes refer to him as the marathon man, because he’s now reached his goal of running 10 consecutive honolulu marathons, with no […]

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