December 31, 2008


Posted in home in hawaii tagged , at 3:44 pm by Malia Yoshioka

last year my friends and i started a tradition. christy came up with the idea, and it spread throughout our group and even to some friends of friends. since everyone had different plans for how to ring in the new year – some at home, some with friends & family, some out at the clubs, etc. – we all decided that we’d meet up just before sunrise at sandy beach on oahu’s east side in order to welcome in the new year together, regardless of where we were at midnight the night before.

the coolest part of the tradition was that we all wrote out “letters to the universe” and brought one copy with us to the beach. as we all huddled together against the cold wind as we waited for the sun to peek out over the horizon, we talked about what we hoped was in store for us in 2008. some of us came in pajamas, others hadn’t yet gone to bed, but it was so wonderful to spend that first sunrise with my closest friends and to all have the feeling of optimism for what lie ahead.

after the sun came up, we toasted with champagne in little plastic cups, then set to building a tiny bonfire so that we could burn our letters and send them out to the universe. i know it sounds hokey, but it was so much fun!

another cool tradition (again started by christy!) was that we all picked one word to focus on for the coming year and wrote it in the sand… last year, my word was “explore” and in 2008, i did just that.

tomorrow we’re getting ready to do the same thing all over again. in fact, i’m flying to oahu for the night/morning in order to see everyone and to start the new year right. my letter for the universe for 2009 is all written and sealed up, and i’ve chosen a new word for the new year. this year, my word is going to be “FREEDOM.” the definition is as follows: “the power to act or speak or think without externally imposed restraints” and i think that it applies in so many ways… i want to be free from debt in 2009, free from judgments of myself, free from judgment of society, and free to live my life in the way that i choose.

i think it’s going to be a great year… cheers to 2009!



  1. Mom said,

    cute post and what a great way to start the new year—-Free?!!

  2. christy said,

    cute malia. wish i could have been there this year 🙂 but there will always be next year!

  3. Kim said,

    I just want to tell you that you are awesome and someday I hope to be on that beach with you on Jan. 1.

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