January 17, 2009

100 places i want to go before i die

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first of all, some background.

to get to the reason i started this list, we’ve got to travel back in time to 2005. i had just turned 25, and i was having my quarter-life crisis du jour when i decided to make a list of 30 things to do before i turn 30. the original list included things like buying an apartment, running a marathon with my dad, and skydiving. well, the marathon i’ve done (3 times! woo hoo!) but a lot of the rest still looms uncompleted, and i’ve only got about 14 months to go! the biggest problem for me is that i’ve had to reassess my list quite a few times in order to keep up with my current status as a travel-holic (for lack of a better term).

for example, numero uno on my list – buying an apartment. i realized not long after i made the original list that this one was going to be impractical for me. it had been a dream of mine to save up enough to buy a place of my own, but the hawaii real estate market had other plans. in hindsight, it was probably a really good idea for me not to stretch my down payment money by taking out one of those crazy loans that have led this country into the subprime mortgage crisis turned recession! i had nowhere near 20 percent to put down (based on the ridiculousness of prices in hawaii!) and my only option, despite years of savings, would have been to do some “creative financing”. thank god i didn’t follow through with this one!

changing my mind about putting down roots in hawaii led me to tweak my list a little bit, and all sorts of travel-related plans came up instead. share a romantic kiss in paris. pet a koala bear in australia. try real greek food in greece. three and a half years later, i’ve actually been to all three of those places, but the only one i was successful in crossing off has been stuffing my face with glorious greek food. (ahhh, just the thought of those gyros makes my mouth water…)

…but i digress. i realized last night that i’ve got about 15 months left, with 17 items left on my 30 before 30 list. 9 of these require travel, 6 of those to foreign countries. given the state of my bank account at the moment, this is going to be all but impossible to do before april 1, 2010 unless i find a really rich benefactor or win the lottery. (a girl can dream, can’t she?)

so right now i’m in the process of revamping my 30 before 30 list yet again, so that i’ll have a chance to complete it. the travel-related items will be coming down, but in order to not lose sight of them completely, i’ve given them a permanent home here in the blog sidebar. so far my list is up to 36-ish or so, but i figure that eventually i’ll get to 100. feel free to add suggestions for me in the comments, and stay tuned for my new and improved 30 before 30 list!


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  1. Kim said,

    mmmm, gyros. I’m glad I got to be an integral participant in crossing that one off your list. I’m also interested in participating in pretty much all the items on your 100 places list, so let me know when real plans seem likely to be made and I will do everything I can to make it happen.

    Love you! Sorry I was such a bummer to talk to on Christmas, but talking to you really helped, so thanks. =)

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