April 30, 2009

attitude adjustment

Posted in job hunting in honolulu tagged , at 7:56 am by Malia Yoshioka

it’s been a long time since i’ve posted here, and just yesterday i was thinking about how in my “about me” section i had talked about being in between jobs and loving it. well, the honeymoon phase is over. when i was between jobs by CHOICE, that was a different story. and i’ve never had as much trouble finding a job in my life as i have had in the past few months.

after i finished up the five random jobs i mentioned last year, including the one that became full time (tax preparer), i was sort of sucked into the void of this whole “crappy economy” thing. i had originally planned to move back to maui to live with my family but with the death of the superferry it would have cost about three times as much to get me, my car, and my stuff (what little of it is left) back to maui. so i decided to stay on oahu and search for a job here.

at first i was holding out for something in the same pay realm of what i’d been making before. after a few weeks when my plans for accommodation were running out, i started to get scared. i figured with my diverse background, SOMETHING would come up. i applied for jobs in the paralegal field (where i have my degree), entry level jobs in CPA firms (since i’d just finished my internship), and even went back to retail (where i have over 10 years experience), but it just seemed like there was nothing available.

usually once i get to the interview part, i’m golden. i’m a great salesperson, and that includes selling myself. but the interviews were few and far between, and even when i used my personal network to get me recommendations for interviews and to “put in a good word”, the jobs kept going to someone else. they always say it nicely – we’ve decided to go with another candidate. it’s not you, it’s us.

but you know what, it’s time to get over myself. who cares what i was making before, i should be THANKFUL to have a job right now, ANY job. and as it turns out, i’ve got quite a few at the moment. thanks to wisa, i’ve been working part time in the retail store for hawaiian fire and i also got another part time position with possibly my favorite store on the island, a little gift basket store called red pineapple. and i can honestly say i look forward to work each day at both of these stores, because the people and the products are awesome. i’m not raking in the millions, but i love what i do.

of course, i wouldn’t be me if i didn’t have a couple of random jobs thrown in here and there, which as of late has included being a demo girl at costco. no, not the food samples, but a couple of weekends ago i was “the dove girl”, hawking dove’s new “engergizing” lemongrass & grapefruit scent.

hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

and in the meantime, the silver lining is this: even though i’m not making as much money as i’m used to or as i’d like, i truly am thankful to have a job, to have a few jobs, and to have them be jobs that i enjoy. i trust that the universe will bring great opportunities my way, and that things will work out soon.

yes, the economy sucks, but complaining about it isn’t gonna do me any good. so here’s to an attitude adjustment and hopefully being “in between jobs” no longer.



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  2. Mom said,

    good “attitude”:) and good luck

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