May 31, 2009

another journey begins

Posted in china, daydreaming, home in hawaii tagged , , , , at 9:02 am by Malia Yoshioka

the universe works in mysterious ways.

after months of trying to scrape by and make ends meet while paying off my last RTW adventure, i’ve found myself suddenly in the middle of planning for a new one! next month i’ll be heading to guilin, china and I couldn’t be more excited!

i’m not going to lie. the past few months have been hard for me. while i love being home and closer to my family and friends, i feel like while i was away last year i really got a better sense of myself and what i want from life. there’s so much more world out there to see! and i’ve just been itching to continue on my travels. it’s pretty much what keeps me going.

the attitude adjustment from a few months ago helped in terms of putting things in perspective, but after a few more weeks of interviews and being told countless times how they’ve “gone with another candidate,” i was really starting to get down on myself.

i was at work at hawaiian fire one morning when i got a call from aunty jo. i was with a customer so i let it go to voicemail and when i finally got around to listening to it, i couldn’t help but scream out loud! “i’m going to CHINA!!!!” i yelled, probably scaring my coworker half to death.

it’s a long story, but in the next few weeks i’ll be traveling with a friend of a friend to guilin, china. let’s call him joe. more to come about joe in the next post… yay, the blog is back! i’m so excited to have something to write about besides a fruitless search for work in honolulu! stay tuned…



  1. ms. match said,

    i’m so excited for you and for the ressurection of the blog! 🙂

  2. Brianne said,

    yeah Malia!!!!! Congratulations! Let the adventures begin….

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