June 14, 2009

the countdown begins…

Posted in china, home in hawaii tagged , , at 7:41 am by Malia Yoshioka

it’s official – yesterday i spent about 2 hours going through all the details with a travel agent in order to get our tickets booked for china. we leave on wednesday!

i’m normally a fan of online travel sites for booking and tend to enjoy doing my own research and travel planning. but in this case, because the trip is so short and for a specific timeframe, i decided to go with a travel agent who can lend her professional expertise to get all the details right. first, i asked for recommendations from my facebook friends and came up with a short list of agents to call. we had also used a “consolidator” company last year to handle our RTW tickets, so i sent my contact there an email as well, and waited to get back the various price quotes.

in the end, i went with aki at IACE travel, who found us a good deal, handled our hotels and all of my little requests, and eventually sent me the itineraries last night. if you’re looking for a good travel agent (especially for japan/asia) i’d highly recommend her – their office number in honolulu is (808)923-7070. aki was knowledgeable, helpful, and prompt to respond whenever i had a question.

we’re off to a great start… 3 more days and we’re off!! =)


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  1. Brianne said,

    yay, how exciting!!! Looking forward to hearing more about your trip and hopefully some great pictures!

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