June 16, 2009

the art of packing

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i’ve always been pretty good at packing light, but after last year we really got it down to a science. since this is a short trip, i’m just bringing a carry-on. it’s my first chance to use my fancy red brookstone dash suitcase. it’s really small, 17 inches, but i definitely fit everything i needed into it, with room to spare too.

from this…
the art of packing

to this!

well, i guess this is it… tomorrow morning i’m catching a bus to the airport, and that’s that! hopefully i’ll be able to write on the road from internet cafes, but if not i’ve got trusty old pen and paper with me as well. we’ve got an 8 hr flight to tokyo, then 4 hrs to beijing, and we’ll overnight there. the journey begins now! =)