June 26, 2009

photos are up

Posted in china tagged , , at 8:47 pm by Malia Yoshioka

you can view them (with captions) on my flickr page by clicking here.

it’s been a long 10 days and i’ve got tons of stories and video and photos to share but right now i’ve got to get over the jet lag from the past 24 hrs of flying, navigating airports, and canceled flights! will try to start getting the blogs up soon… zzzzzzzzzzzzz

update as of 6.28.09 – i’ll be posting the blogs as of the dates they were written, so scroll down to view them if you aren’t using an RSS reader – or better yet go to google.com/reader to sign up for an easy way to see all new posts from any of your favorite blogs at one time!

great wall of china
the great wall – one of the highlights of my trip! =)