about me

i was born and raised on the beautiful island of maui in hawaii. growing up in the middle of the pacific ocean, i always had a passion for travel and took my first international trip when i was 15 as a summer exchange student in japan. after graduating high school, i blew my life savings (not much at the time!) on a three month trip to europe before getting into the “real world” and facing life as an adult. i had so much fun on that trip that i promised myself i’d make it a point to travel as much as possible.

in 2007, i woke up one day and realized that almost ten years had gone by and i’d only left the U.S. on one other occasion. i guess that two weeks a year for vacation was just not enough to fulfill my promise to myself to explore the world as much as i could. so i quit my job and set off with a friend to see southeast asia.

on january 8, 2008, the original “in-between jobs blog” was born. now in my late twenties (already?!) i’ve had my share of random jobs, but none of them felt right to me. taking a six month trip through southeast asia and the pacific was the closest i’d come to being true to myself and embracing the wanderlust that runs through my soul.

i’m still “between jobs” and loving it. in my travels, i’ve heard so many people say “i wish i could do what you’re doing, you are so lucky.” but really, it’s something that anyone could do, given that they put a little foresight into the planning. start putting aside a little bit of savings now, and the next time you decide to change jobs, why not give in to some soul searching and take a much needed vacation. take it from me, two weeks really just isn’t enough.

i once read a quote that really stuck with me: if you found out today that you had six months to live, would you still be doing what you’re doing now? for me the answer is absolutely a yes. life’s too short to wonder about the road less traveled… in fact, here’s a running list of 100 places i want to go before i die.

mudbrick vineyard, waiheke


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