100 places i want to go before i die

that might sound a little more morbid than i meant it to be, but i was going for more of the inspirational travel to do list type of thing…. anyway. last year i filled up my passport and saw a lot of world, but man there is a lot more world to see! i’m going to make a running list of places i want to go that i’ve never been before, places that i’d like to go again, and things i’d like to do/see while i’m there. i’ll get to 100 eventually…

100 places i want to go before i die:
(last updated 1/17/09)

1. share a romantic kiss in paris
2. have frozen hot chocolate at serendipity 3 in NYC
3. visit new orleans
4. have some cerveza in mexico
5. pet a koala in australia
6. see the great wall of china
7. watch the oprah show in chicago
8. go to tahiti
9. see the pyramids in egypt
10. take spanish lessons in guatamala
11. learn tango in buenos aires
12. see the grand canyon
13. take a road trip in the USA somewhere
14. take a cooking class in central america somewhere
15. go to africa (this one has to stay vague b/c i don’t know where i want to go)
16. scotland
17. visit friends in the netherlands
18. kiss the blarney stone in ireland
19. malaysia
20. portugal
21. see the taj mahal in india
22. eat real indian food in india
23. stay at a yoga ashram in india
24. return to bali
25. return to chiang mai
26. see south island in NZ
27. return to north island in NZ – more wine tastings!
28. do a half marathon in wine country
29. see machu picchu
30. follow in christy and jess’s steps to panama
31. return to japan
32. alaska (though i’ll make sure to avoid sarah palin)
33. volunteer at mr. ross’s school in cambodia
34. cuba
35. antarctica
36. ha long bay in vietnam
37. take me back, back to da kine… moloka’i, i will return. =)
38. kaho’olawe
39. see carnivale in brazil
40. see the mayan ruins at tikal in guatemala
41. masdar city in abu dhabi
42. participate in bay to breakers as a “salmon”
43. visit uruguay’s wine country
44. tibet
45. iceland
46. china (i need to break this one up cause it’s soooo big and diverse)

ok… that’s it for now. i’ll keep adding as i keep getting inspired! =) have any recommendations? and what’s on your list?!?



  1. christy said,

    ooh. there’s so much of these i want to join you on. i bought you one of those calendar page a day things with places to see. i’m sure you’ll get more ideas from it when i finally give it to you. but off the top of my head, here are some thoughts…

    go to tikal to see the the mayan ruins in guatemala. i went there when i was 12. absolutely amazing. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tikal)

    also, let’s go to carnival in brazil. that’s something i’ve always wanted to do. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brazilian_Carnival)

    alaska is also amazing…

    and would you be interested in kaho`olawe? it was cool to go there for me, essp since we’ve seen it a million times across from maui. it was cool to be on kaho`olawe and seeing the shores of maui from it.

    hmm. i’ll continue to think. but it sounds absolutely wonderful malia

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