June 11, 2009

revisiting my “100 places” list

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a while back, i started a list of “100 places i want to go before i die.” and i just realized that in the next couple of weeks, i might get to check off a couple! yay!

i’ve always wanted to see the great wall of china, and i had it at #6 on my list. so i’m trying to figure out a way to work beijing into our itinerary for the trip to guilin. it actually shouldn’t be much of a problem since we will have to overnight in beijing (or shanghai) on the way to guilin anyway because of the way the flight schedules work out. i’ve been trying to coordinate it with joe, but hopefully i’ll be able to stay in guilin for a couple of days (possibly heading down the li river to yangshuo as well), then head up to beijing for a couple of days, where i can see the great wall, the forbidden city, the bird’s nest stadium from the olympics, and all those other things you think of when you think of china – or at least beijing.

and then of course, there are the things that you can’t “see”… the things you have to feel, taste, touch, hear… i am so excited to just soak up the experience of BEING in china. i don’t really have an itinerary, per se, but i’m hoping to get a chance to practice my mandarin, possibly see if i can find a cheap cooking class, and jess gave me a mission of finding something cool to take a picture of on her phone (that she is nice enough to lend me for the trip – thanks jess!)

i listed “china” as #46 on my “100 places” list, but it’s just too huge to say i’ll check it off in a 10 day trip. but i’m going to see just how much i can squeeze into my first visit. someday i’ll have to come back when i can come at a more leisurely pace… =)


June 2, 2009

meet joe

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joe runs a small but steadily busy restaurant on maui known for it’s hamburger steak, a local plate lunch specialty. he’s extremely proud of his recipe (“none of the ingredients is ever frozen, all fresh!”) and works 20 hour days 6 days a week in order to keep up with the business. i asked him when he has time for sleep and he told me “two hours enough, i’ve been doing this for five years already!”

joe and i have had a few phone conversations and the more i talk to him the more i am getting to know his personality, and you really can’t help but like him. he’s a great guy. he laughs constantly, and has a great sense of humor. he’s full of energy and especially proud of his recipes and his restaurant. and he’s really excited and nervous for this trip because he may be going to meet his future wife!

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May 31, 2009

another journey begins

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the universe works in mysterious ways.

after months of trying to scrape by and make ends meet while paying off my last RTW adventure, i’ve found myself suddenly in the middle of planning for a new one! next month i’ll be heading to guilin, china and I couldn’t be more excited!

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January 17, 2009

100 places i want to go before i die

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first of all, some background.

to get to the reason i started this list, we’ve got to travel back in time to 2005. i had just turned 25, and i was having my quarter-life crisis du jour when i decided to make a list of 30 things to do before i turn 30. the original list included things like buying an apartment, running a marathon with my dad, and skydiving. well, the marathon i’ve done (3 times! woo hoo!) but a lot of the rest still looms uncompleted, and i’ve only got about 14 months to go! the biggest problem for me is that i’ve had to reassess my list quite a few times in order to keep up with my current status as a travel-holic (for lack of a better term).
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November 3, 2008

O Canada

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if anyone’s planning a vacation soon, canada’s a good option because the canadian dollar is really low right now vs. the US dollar… i just came across this article about some travel specials in whistler. but basically anything you book in canada now would be locking in the low exchange rate and getting you more for your money… maybe it’s time to run for the border!

speaking of which, check out how to move to canada if mccain wins the election. haha!
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September 23, 2008

mexican home cooking

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so now that i’m back in hawaii with no money (anybody hiring?), i must be content with daydreaming about where my next adventures will take me…

i recently read about the mexican home cooking school in tlaxcala, mexico. for $1250, you get seven days/six nights accomodation, all meals, and five cooking lessons in the mornings, with afternoons free to explore the area around tlaxcala.

makes me want to read like water for chocolate again…

a girl can dream, right?

September 20, 2008

to move, or not to move?

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that is the question.

with the state of the economy and politics in the US these days, i’m very, very tempted. not to mention, while traveling abroad i constantly had to answer for george bush’s antics and everyone – regardless of how well they could even speak english – seemed to know more about the US presidential race than most people i know – myself, included!
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