November 4, 2008

history is made

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i’m about ready to fall into bed, today was a LONG day. but what an amazing day, right?

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September 28, 2008

i heart SNL

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i couldn’t get the video to post, but click here to see last night’s SNL clip of tina fey as sarah palin (again). hilarous! as a bonus, this site put up palin’s actual interview below the SNL clip so you can see how little fey even needed to stray from palin’s own ridiculous answers. too funny.

September 27, 2008

another reason i DO NOT support sarah palin

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you may have heard recently that sarah palin got her first passport LAST YEAR. this, in itself, would not be a problem. but for someone who could potentially become PRESIDENT of the united states of america, should something happen to (the not-the-most-youthful) john mccain, i think that travel abroad would show a broader worldview and a better understanding of how america fits into the world arena. as a vice president (and potential president) ms. palin would need to (i’d hope!) interact with world leaders frequently, especially as the world grows smaller and smaller every day with communications and technology bringing us all closer together.
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September 26, 2008

debate day humor

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a few laughs in time for the debate today…

david letterman really wouldn’t let mccain off easy for canceling his appearance on the show (and “suspending” his campaign):

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