August 21, 2008

leaving paris

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i arrived in paris
for the last time
for one more night
although bittersweet
it didn’t feel quite so final
as when i’d left last

ten years passed
since we’d parted ways
coming back was like
finding an old love
finding things unchanged
picking up where you left off

it’s a romance
not yet ready to die
i know i’ll be back
i know you’ll be waiting
yet its never easy
saying goodbye

pont alexandre III, paris
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August 20, 2008


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why is it that on an entire plane full of normal, quiet people, the one family with a screaming two year old is iniveitably seated across the aisle from me? what do you do when your plane is hijacked by a two-year-old devil-child? i watched in amazement at first as the mother and daughter faced off in a battle of wills on whether the window shade should be open or closed.

the exchange goes something like this:

mother: blah blah blah blah blah (firmly pulling the window shade open)
bratty child: no! (slamming it closed with both her tiny hands)
mom: blah blah blah blah blah (now in a more pleading tone)
bratty child: NO! NO! (with a shake of her deceptively angelic blonde head of hair and a gleam in her steely grey-blue eyes)

for a moment i swear i can see horns growing out of the little girl’s head. yet her piercing shriek, as inhuman as it sounds – is definitely that of a real child.
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July 31, 2008

rotisserie obsession

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ahh the irony:

the irony...

haha. i was so obsessed with rotisserie chicken here that i even used it for my portfolio story for class! here’s one of the things i worked on over the past few weeks:
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July 28, 2008

all good things must come to an end

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last night we had our final presentations for the paris american academy and it was time to say our goodbyes… i can’t even begin to say how highly i recommend this program. the writer’s workshop was such a wonderful learning experience and the staff and my fellow classmates were nothing but supportive. i learned so much about myself and my writing while being here and i will miss them all so much. hopefully i will see some of them back here next year!

paris american academy writing workshop

and for those not interested in writing, the paris american academy also has programs in fine arts, interior design, and (what a perfect place to study) fashion! we got to check out the other students’ work and it was amazing what everyone was able to do in just four weeks’ time. i feel so lucky to have found this program, and i hope those of you who may be interested will follow up and look into coming to paris for a summer as well!

up next for me… i’m hitting the road again! i’ll be in paris for two more days and then on to the gastronomic capital of france, lyon! stay tuned! =)

July 27, 2008

royale cravings

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i stepped up to the counter with my head hung low. why had i come here again? this place of artificial happiness, supposedly for our nourishment, tempting us all with memories from childhood, smells and flavors etched firmly into our collective consciousness. golden arches calling out seductively to passersby…

“one royale with cheese, sil vous plait. sure, i’ll take the combo, to go. merci.”

did it make it any better that i recalled the pulp fiction reference when making my selection from the mcdonald’s menu? did it change anything that i get to call it a “royale” rather than what it really is, a quarter pound of fat-laden beef, slathered with cheese, a heart attack in a bun? did it ease my guilt in this veritable shrine to american obesity that i opted for a side salad rather than those golden, crispy, perfectly salted french fries that i so desperately wanted and had smelled from the moment i walked through the door?

not one bit.
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July 25, 2008


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the other day i bought a crepe. you come to france, you must have crepes. it was delicious, ham and cheese, nice and warm and gooey and salty and just what i was craving. i paid with a 5 euro note, and the man handed me back my change, which should have been a 2 euro coin (about $3.15):

…but upon closer inspection was a thai 10 baht coin (about $0.30):

sneaky crepe man! karma will get him. hehe. i tried to use the coin in a vending machine but even it was smart enough to check that it was a euro coin. now i’m stuck with it. i guess i’ll just have to go back to thailand now. =)

July 22, 2008


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RRRita, 3 R’s.

That’s how she introduced herself on the first day of class. I remember sitting directly behind her at orientation. Haifa had taken a seat next to me and we all were strangers at this point although it seems no coincidence now, looking back, that we would choose these particular seats. During introductions, when Haifa had made a comment about trashing pieces when she didn’t feel that they were “perfect,” Rita turned to Haifa and said that she would “murrrrder her inner critic.” For emphasis, she said this while making stabbing motions with her hands.

rita’s famous “papaya dance” performed in front of shakespeare & co bookstore
rita's famous papaya dance
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July 18, 2008

getting to know paris

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after almost three weeks of living in paris, i’ve begun to find certain things normal that just would never have been before. there’s a certain point when you become less of a tourist and more “parisien.”

you know you’re getting used to paris when….

…you’re sitting on the outside terrace of an italian restaurant, enjoying a lovely meal when suddenly a lit cigarette falls from the third story balcony above, right in the middle of your half-eaten pizza. the waiter apologizes profusely, bringing you a new pizza right away. he shrugs his shoulders, “you’re in paris – even the birds smoke!”

…you buy a bottle of nutella to keep on your night stand, “just in case” a chocolate craving hits at 11pm.

…you find yourself drinking more wine per day than you would in a week back home, and start thinking of a 4 euro bottle as “expensive” (4 euros = around $6.50)
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July 16, 2008


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jason mraz is just awesome.

my roommate jenn was at the centre pompidou the other day (where this video was filmed last summer) and she said the lady was still there. =)

July 13, 2008

you asked for it!

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we went to the bastille market yesterday and i took some pictures to add to my old entry about the market near my school… enjoy!


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