September 1, 2008

catching up on history in boston

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blast from the past
dee and i getting ready to walk the freedom trail…

i’ve only been to boston once before, ten years ago (this seems to be a recurring theme) to visit dee when she and i were both just starting out in college on the east coast – two maui transplants, cold, slightly homesick, but excited to be living in the big cities…
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August 28, 2008

back to the USA

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i was too sleep-deprived to think about it much when i was stumbling in the dark at my hostel to get my bags together for a 5:30am shuttle to the airport, but once i made it through security i realized: i am really going to miss ireland. five days definitely wasn’t enough time to see it properly, so someday i’ll have to go back. i sat down to enjoy my last full irish breakfast, also known as a “heart attack on a plate,” while finishing up the last of my postcards to be mailed from overseas…
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