September 15, 2008

second chances

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i’ve never really liked LA. i don’t like the how the smog hangs over the city, i don’t like how you have to drive everywhere, i don’t like the overuse of plastic surgery, and i don’t like the number of people carrying tiny dogs in purses. it’s never been one of my favorite cities to visit.

but i decided to give LA another chance since jess is now living there, and as much as i dislike LA, i love jess. plus, jess is actually living in torrance, which doesn’t feel quite as “LA” to me. so i tried to keep an open mind while jess and eric became my tourguides for the week. and i must admit, i was pleasantly surprised!
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September 11, 2008


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point vicente lighthouse

it’s been difficult, after traveling with jess for six months, to go back to life without her. i remember when we boarded the plane in fiji thinking, “wow this is really the end of our trip!” and getting all teary thinking about the things we’d gone through along the way. i think both of us were forever changed by making the decision to leave the world behind for six months and find new adventures. when i look back on our trip, i think that it definitely wouldn’t have been the same without jess.
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June 28, 2008

sunny day in L.A.

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last night i caught the red-eye from honolulu to LAX. it was a pretty smooth flight and went by quickly, but i didn’t get nearly enough sleep. we arrived in L.A. just before 6am and i gave jess y. an early wake up call to come pick me up.

jess y. is one of my favorite people in the whole world. i was so sad when she moved back to the mainland, but we try to keep in touch and share our travel stories and plans whenever we can. so my 10-hour L.A. layover came with perfect timing because she wasn’t working and was able to come down to spare me the headache of camping out in LAX for 10 hours!

jess picked me up and we headed to a cute little cafe near venice beach for a delicious breakfast while we chatted and caught up. after walking around the neighborhood, enjoying the cool morning air, we headed to venice beach for people-watching and window shopping. there was even an eco-festival going on so we got to sample organic foods and “green” products! fun!

venice beach, LA
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