June 17, 2009

a tourist in my hometown

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i will try to post these journal entries for the day they were actually written, since i wasn’t able to post in china. here’s the first installment – feel free to sign up through any RSS reader, or check back for more. will try to get the rest up soon…

the doors to the bus closed and i instantly felt like my adventure had begun. it’s always interesting to see your hometown through a tourists’ eyes and the #19 bus was most definitely a way to get the full impact. through waikiki via kuhio avenue, i glanced up to see the hotel towers overhead and hungover, badly sunburned tourists walking the sidewalk below. everything seemed slightly artificial – manufactured happiness, almost like disneyworld, mass-produced aloha spirit for your convenience. but as i rode through in air conditioned comfort, suitcase by my feet, i didn’t mind a bit. i was leaving waikiki and headed for the airport, ready to get on with my adventure.
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October 7, 2008

in-between jobs no longer!

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thanks to jennifer at employers options, i’ve got myself a job for the next three months. i have such commitment-phobia when it comes to jobs that i couldn’t even bring myself to apply the old fashioned way – i went through a temp agency instead! it actually worked out great – i dropped off my resume, took a typing test (76 wpm, baby!), answered a few questions, and i was done. a few days later, i got a call to come down to a local law firm for an interview.

thus ends my year-long stint at unemployment (or full-time vagabonding, depending on how you choose to look at it). back to the working world! for now, at least…
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October 6, 2008

tourist for a day

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with the economy dragging what’s left of my meager savings down the drain, i’ve started putting out resumes to the local temp agencies here in hopes of getting a job in a law firm until i move back to oahu in january. i’ve never tried seeking work through a temp agency before, but i must say it’s nice to have someone doing all the hard work for me! =)

so in the anticipation of *gasp!* heading back to join the working world sometime in the near future, dee and i decided to play tourist for a day in lahaina.
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